LG meets Human Design Logo

Your fundamental, practical Human Design beginners course from the female perspective!

For private use, to understand yourself and those around you and to approach Human Design in a practical AND feminine way!

There’s nothing that reminded me like exploring my own primal feminine power. It’s a daily reminder of who we women really are and can be.

No other concept has helped me so much remember who I really am like Human Design did. It helps me to navigate myself like no other system.

And from this

LG meets Human Design Logo

was born.

And because I look at EVERYTHING from a female perspective, I present to you my brand new online course.

A Human Design beginners course for you from the perspective of femininity. You can also use it privately for your family and friends. Everything is absolutely clear and perfectly structured for you and is waiting to be explored by you!

You will receive over 10 brand new, recorded modules with practical audios, launching on November 11th. All content will be unlocked at this day. In addition, there will be live Q&A sessions taking place from late November to mid-December.

Not only do we delve into the Human Design energy types, authorities, lines, profiles, centers, motivations, super senses and incarnation crosses, but also into the topics of business and trauma in the context of Human Design – all against the background of femininity, of course.

I’m not a Human Design expert and I’m not trying to be one.

I have known and learned about Human Design since 2020. I use the concept every single day and in all of my relationships.

I love Human Design so much that I now apply it to everything.
Over the months and years I’ve discovered and tried out so many keys and adjustments in relation to femininity, clarity and authenticity.

Yes, you also get concrete knowledge, but not from a Human Design expert, but with my top view – as a manifestor 3/5 – in the context of female embodiment and implementation.

Here is your reminder / information about the conditioning AND the invitation for the individual energy types in Human Design.

We all know these feelings:

Burnt out. because you did what you thought you had to. instead of tending to that fire within. You are here to follow your passions! What are you so passionate about? React to what you love!

Manifesting Generators
Because you were conditioned to focus on one thing and pull through instead of following your attention and having several balls in the air. Play! Inform about and react to what you’re drawn to!

You know this pain from the past when you didn’t feel seen and the bitterness you felt. Yet you are here to see yourself and love yourself so that you are sooo magnetic, that you will definitely be invited!

So often you were too much. You just felt different. You are here to honor your creative urges and rest phases. You are here to initiate by informing as soon as you’re clear. Be bold!
Inform peacefully!

You always felt like an afien and wondered why it is so hard for you to have boundaries. Yet you mirror and feel everything and everyone around you. So be wise about that! Let yourself be surprised by the mystery and the magic of life!

Early Bird from October 30th: $279
Final Invest from December 12th: $329